Your astrological or natal chart is your personal matrix that outlines those energies that you chose to come with, those energies that you decided to work with, those skills and that knowledge that you want to acquire during your stay here on earth. We can read from the aspects and planetary positioning areas of tension, of harmony, of induced behavior and potentials that have not been developed or fully developed by your soul so far.


To see and to feel and to experience your natal chart and the dynamics within the chart can give you the necessary insight and helps getting prepared to walk your own path out of dilemma and conflict.


Standing in the middle of your own chart is a very profound experience. It offers everyone the opportunity to learn about the 'why' you came here and what kind of obstacles or tensions are to be dealt with at that moment. It connects you with your higher Self and shows you where from you might find help in the present life situation.


During this workshop every participant is invited to enter the role of one planet or the Sun, the Moon or Chiron and talks on its behalf. Ideally 12 people will stay at the placement of the respective planet, Sun, Moon or Chiron in 11 charts and once in the middle in their own chart. To take on the role of a planet, an energy in a chart, in 11 different charts, gives you the opportunity to feel and understand different aspects of that energy.  As an example, if you take on the role of Mars, you will learn about different ways to fight, different strategies to get where you want and what you want in life.  Some will be familiar to you, other will be totally new to you.  How would it be to use new tools, see new ways of getting what you want to have? In the role of Mercury, will you use words to communicate or do you use other means to connect with others? What is easy for you and what is difficult?


Be prepared to have an intensive weekend with lots of emotions and new traits and connections between the participants, beyond words.  You will stay in your own chart and will hear and feel the energies you have chosen to come with. Your role will offer you insight into certain aspects of  life by feeling, by walking through emotions and by integrating what is yours. You will interact with the other planets and feel the connection and sometimes the repulsion.


Be sure that what happens during this workshop is exactly what you need to make you aware of what is missing, not working, blocking your energy or what is stuck and needs a bit of a push forward. You will also get confirmation of all that is good, working well  and perhaps needs nourishment. We trust that the energies guide us and bring out into the open what needs to be seen at that moment. For this kind of workshop there is always that special group effect as well. Be sure that the right people will get together to do their work at a safe place and in the safety of their hearts.



  • you will get a new perspective on your present life situation

  • you will understand your energies and dynamics

  • you will understand how you influence others and each other

  • the benefit of a group working intensively together within 2 days

  • you will understand various sides, the gifts and the dark side of what one planet represents.


This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to know more about yourself

  • you are an astrologer who wants to experience the energies of the planets

  • you have specific questions in your life

  • you want to find out how to overcome certain obstacles

  • you are about to close a cycle

  • you have repetitive events/circumstances in your life and want to get out of the treadmill

  • you want to learn to listen to your body


You do not need to bring any knowledge about astrology. We are not going to use our minds to understand, we let our body and our heart understand.


Date: 22. and 23. February 2019, Saturday 22.2. from 9.00 - 18.00 h and Sunday 23.2. from 9.00 to 16.30 h.

Location: Wayra Astrae Srl, Strada Teheran 17, Ground floor, ring 2 and the bell sign

Cost: 759 Ron, includes water, coffee, tea and snacks. We go our for lunch.


Wear comfortable clothes and bring an open mind.


The workshop is held in english but it is not forbidden to speak in romanian and we will help with translation were needed.


Sign up:

  • Please send an e-mail to contact@wayra-astrae.ro stating date, time and place of birth and your knowledge in astrology: none, beginner, medium or advanced.

  • Reserve your place by paying 50 % of the cost in advance. This payment will not be refunded if you do not attend, but will secure you a place.

  • The advance payment can be done in cash at our center or via bank transfer:

        Banca Transilvania
        Wayra Astrae SRL
        IBAN: RO49BTRLRONCRT0419073501

        stating ”advance for experiential Astrology workshop, your name”


Please sign up until February 17.


This Workshop is not about teaching astrology it is about experiencing your chart and the energy of one aspect in your chart through the planet, Sun, Moon or Chiron that you will represent during the workshop.  You do not need to write, unless you want to note your emotions and insights and we do not issue a diploma.

Harta astrologica sau harta natala reprezinta tabloul Sinelui tau, in care sunt desenate energiile celeste cu care ai venit pe lume si care te definesc la nivel individual. Astrograma indica atat aspectele in care aceste energii, simbolizate de catre planete si semne zodiacale, sunt eliberate si curg liber, cat si pe cele in care sunt blocate sau stagneaza. Astfel, ies la lumina zone de tensiune si armonie, modele de comportament si potential neexplorat.



Vazandu-ti harta ilustrata grafic si observand dinamica ta interioara apare o intelegere intuitiva a intregii tale fiinte, care te calibreaza la propriul tipar, indiferent de complexitatea lui. Astfel, vei fi pregatit sa urmezi calea de rezolvare a paradoxului si a conflictului.


Sa te afli in reprezentarea vizuala a propriei harti natale este o experienta foarte profunda. Mai exact, este o calatorie-experienta catre inima astrologiei, care ofera, fiecaruia in parte, oportunitatea de a sta fizic in propria harta natala si de a se conecta cu Sinele cel mai inalt.


In cadrul acestui workshop experiential fiecare participant este invitat sa intre in rolul unei planete si sa vorbeasca in numele acesteia. 12 persoane vor juca rolul planetelor, al Soarelui, al Lunii si pe a lui Chiron**. Rolul tau iti ofera prilejul de a cunoaste fatetele diferite ale energiei tale. De exemplu, in cate moduri poate lupta Marte? Poate fi strateg sau are arma in mana? Care este metoda prin care el obtine ceea ce vrea? Cum ar fi sa il experimentezi in ipostaze variate? Sau care sunt modurile in care comunica Mercur? Doar prin cuvinte? Cum gandeste? Unde se poticneste, unde este usor? Ce probleme poate el sa abia?


Este o experienta intensa, pe parcursul unui weekend, in care ai ocazia sa stai in propria astrograma*, sa simti in toate celulele energia unei planete, sa o intelegi, sa o traiesti si sa o integrezi. Totodata, vei intra in dialog cu celelalte planete pentru a clarifica ceea ce iti ofera.


Acest workshop este pentru:

•   persoane deschise spre a-si cunoaste in profunzime propria cale;

•   astrologi care vor sa isi aprofundeze cunostintele;

•  persoane interesate de astrologie care isi doresc sa decifreze aspecte ale vietii lor, cum pot depasi anumite obstacole sau incheia un ciclu de circumstante repetitive.


Pentru acest curs nu este nevoie de cunostinte de astrologie.


  • Data: 22 sept: 9:00-18:00 & 23 sept: 9:00-16:30

  • Locatie: Strada Teheran, nr.17, parter, interfon 2, sector 1, Bucuresti

  • Cost: 759 lei



- cei interesati sunt rugati sa ne trimita un email la contact@wayra-astrae.ro

- emailul trebuie sa contina: data, ora si locul nasterii, o fotografie si nivelul de cunostinte astrologice (deloc, interesat, practician, practician cu clienti)

- la momentul inscrierii se achita un avans de 50%, suma nerambursabila, care asigura rezervarea locului

- avansul poate fi achitat cash (la sediul nostru, in urma confirmarii telefonice) sau prin transfer bancar in contul:

Banca Transilvania

Wayra Astrae SRL

IBAN: RO49BTRLRONCRT0419073501, cu specificatie: Avans curs astrologie si numele cursantului



Ce nu este acest workshop:

  • Nu este nu workshop cu predare, nu scriem

  • Nu dam diploma


* Toate astrogramele vor fi ghidate de catre Monika Puiu.

** Rolurile planetelor se vor trage la sorti in ziua inceperii workshopului.

    Pentru orice detalii va raspundem cu drag la numarul: 0720 000 031




  ”Cand Monika mi-a spus ca a venit randul meu sa stau in astrograma m-am bucurat nespus! La aproape toate Serile ei de Astrologie am fost prezenta si tot timpul am jucat rolul unei planete.

  Am crezut ca dupa atatea terapii samanice, cautari de sine si roluri de planete, nu ma poate surprinde o astrograma experientiala, pentru ca vazusem cum este si facusem inclusiv una privata cu Monika.

  Am pasit in mijlocul astrogramei mele, si, inconjurata fiind de propriile mele planete, niste doamne la care tin mult, am fost coplesita. M-au podidit lacrimile. Am vazut ansamblul schemelor mele de actiune! Tot ce eu incercasem sa imi explic atatia ani, statea defapt altfel. Mintea mea m-a protejat, mi-a ascuns adevaratele motive pentru care evolutia mea nu este atat de rapida precum imi doresc. Sunt propriul meu sabotor.

  In mijlocul astrogramei nu mai ai cum sa te ascunzi de tine. Este ca si cand stai intr-un cerc de oglinzi cu care poti vorbi si ele iti raspund. Am vrut sa fug, sa nu ma vad, mi s-a frant inima, am plans, am ras, m-am simtit revoltata, intristata, am trait frica, am fost vulnerabila, am inteles, am auzit, am vazut. Mi-am deschis inima si am avut parte de una dintre cele mei puternice experiente vindecatoare. Mi-am amintit cine sunt, de ce m-am inchis si de ce nu mai vreau sa stau inchisa. M-am simtit sustinuta si in siguranta tot timpul si de aceea m-am lasat sa ma duc adanc in fiinta mea.

  Au fost 40 de minute intense si eliberatoare! Din acea seara mi s-a schimbat optica. Vad diferit. Este o experienta care schimba viata!

  Daca vrei sa te vezi, vino! ”

Laura Dumitrescu

 ”Am participat la un eveniment similar, anul trecut. A meritat pe deplin. Pot sa spun ca studiez de ceva timp astrologia dar nu sunt o profesionista, energiile create si exprimate in acel workshop m-au uimit, mai ales, pentru ca printre participanti erau persoane care nu aveau decat idei generale despre astrologie...Si, totusi, au reusit sa concretizeze aspecte extraordinare. Singura conditie este sa fii "open mind" si sa las inhibitiile deoparte!”

Lili Oprea

 ”Este un moment unic acela in care simti ca esti sustinut de astre.In momentul in care am fost in mijlocul astrogramei mele , cand Soarele si Luna imparteau acelasi cerc , cand Mercur imi spune ca sunt in centrul atentie lui, cand Uranus imi da de veste de ce este nou in viata mea - sunt cumva si coplesita dar si impulsionata de a continua.
Pe toate aceste experiente le-am intalnit intr-un seminar de astrologie experientiala.
Anul trecut a fost prima data cand am participat , nu aveam nici cea mai mica idee de constientizarile care imi vor aparea in decursul celor cateva ore de prezenta in astrograma.
Cel mai important este ca aceste experiente nu pot fi redate in cuvinte, nu pot fi exemplificate mental- ele trebuie pur si simplu simtite.Asa cum intrebari existentiala de genul ‘cine sunt eu’nu isi pot primi raspunsul cu mintea asa si intelegerea propriei astrograme merge mult mai departe decat hotarele mintii noastre.
Curajul nu vine dintr-o data ca un suvoi, el curge incet picatura cu picatura dar poate umple viata.
Spune ‘ da’ vietii’.
Este un simplu mod de a dansa cu Universul.

Mirela Ungurenus

 ”Buna seara, Wayra Astrae...reusesc, in sfarsit, sa-mi exprim recunostinta pentru ceea ce am primit in timpul sedintei de constelatii astrologice..Astrograma mea a fost una grea, cu planete dificile si energia a fost innabusitoare...se simtea multa confuzie acolo, cu un Neptun foarte puternic.. Au "muncit" cu mine, pentru mine Monika Puiu si Laura impreuna cu niste doamne superbe carora le multumesc din suflet. Feed-back-ul a fost "sa am rabdare si sa ma bazez mult pe intuitia si forta mea interioara", ceea ce am incercat sa fac si, cu adevarat m-a ajutat. Desigur, mai este de lucru..Monika este un calauzitor cu inima si rabdare, are cunostinte solide de astrologie si tehnica necesara pentru a le pune in practica..♥️♥️♥️ Sper sa reusesc sa ma intorc cat mai repede la voi pentru noi experiente binefacatoare...”

Laura Vasilescu