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The Psychic Power of Plants


11 - 12 mai

  This workshop is for you if:

- You want to learn how to dissolve those heavy energies that your clients leave behind in your work place and not go home with them

- You want to stay in your own energy and in your own power come and learn how to protect and clean yourself

- You are someone who is working on a regular basis with patients and clients either physically or energetically and you are not protecting yourself, or your protection is not working



  You know that you have taken up other people heavy energy if:

- You feel tired after spending time with somebody

- You lack energy

- Your emotional state changes abruptly

- You have a sudden physical reaction



  Learn how to use plant energies to clear energy patterns out of your subtle bodies, create aura shielding for protection, and achieve powerfully effective space clearing. David Eastoe and Helen Guild present 2 days of working with Petaltone plant energies recently featured in Vogue (Japan) and used by many well known clients including Julia Roberts. Petaltone is endorsed by famous author Judy Hall.


  Petaltones started back in 1992 and have focused on discovering and creating new and ef-fective ways of working with plants, trees, and mineral energies. They are truly unique, in 1993 Petaltones released the world’s first Space Clearing essence (Crystal Clear) which could be applied by spraying, then went on to discover another great essence (Astral Clear) that worked to clear really negative energies when used in a simple vaporiser. The-se essences could also be used to effectively clear the Chakras and your crystals too, (in just 30 minutes crystals can be purified effectively)


  This event is not for you if:

- If you don't believe in the power of plant spirits


  What are your benefits:

- learn how to clear energies in your aura, in our space/home or workspace,

- learn how to clear and charge your crystals, clear the energies in your land and in your water

- learn how to protect your aura and your space


  Why would I participate to your workshop?

- David is the creator of Petaltone essences and he, himself will teach you how to use them correctly and in the most efficient way. Petaltone Essences are powerful tools.


  What do I need to bring?

- Your pendulum if you have one

- Pen/notebook

- Dress comfortably


*the workshop will be held in english with translation when needed


Cost: 768 lei


- trimiteti va rog un email la:, sau sunati la: 0720 000 031 

- achitati avansul de 50% (384 lei)

- trimiteti va rog dovada platii pe email la adresca:

- achitarea avansului rezerva locul

* avansul nu este rambursabil

* in cazul in care cursul nu se mai tine, vom returna avansul

Cont bancar pentru avans: 

Wayra Astrae SRL


Banca Transilvania

Cu specificatia: ”Avans pentru The Psychic Power Of Plants - numele participantului”


- 11 mai: 10.oo-17.oo

- 12 mai: 10.oo- 17.oo

- vom avea pauze de cafea si o ora pauza de pranz

Adresa: Strada Teheran, nr.17, parter, interfon 2 si clopotel, Bucuresti


More about Petaltone Essences here:

You can buy the essences here:

About David Eastoe:


David Eastoe began his search for a spiritual path in 1974 with Tibetan Lamas in Europe. This was followed by seven years of study in Western Mystery Traditions. David never dreamed he would one day work with plants; he was a musician and retrained as a ‘Sound Therapist’ on the advice of one of his Tibetan teachers. His Unique work with Ti-betan Singing Bowls earned him an afternoon documentary on BBC Radio 4, as well as successful workshops around the world. A few years later he learned to dowse with a pendulum, and seeking advice in meditation, started dowsing plants. He learned how to make essences from the plant energies that could be applied directly to the charkas with-out needing to be taken internally resulting in very powerful energy shifts - he called them Petaltone Essences. There are now over 200 essences from all around the world and they are all powerfully effective and can be used to achieve many different energy shifts.


About Helen Guild:

Helen Guild studied healing in the late 70’s- early 80’s working with a special ‘old school’ Master healer Barbara O’Neal and then went on to have an Indian Guru for a while then to achieve a degree in Counselling and specialised in working with children. Helen has now continued her development with studies in Peruvian Shamanism with Eliana Harvey and Don Juan Núñez del Prado. She has a particularly beautiful energy for healing work, and a unique way of working. She is a Petaltone Top Level Practitioner and has also created her own range of HG Tree essences which include trees from Hawaii as well as the UK. Her level of experience and understanding of energy work is superb. Helen works with David running Petaltone workshops in UK and Japan, and in Europe.