Workshop: Initierile Munay Ki

- Cele 9 rituri pentru echilibrarea corpului si a sufletului -

22 - 24 noiembrie

Munay Ki reprezinta cele 9 rituri ce aduc corpul si sufletul in echilibru!


Riturile Munay Ki provin din traditia andina a incasilor. In vechime, acestea se transmiteau doar vindecatorilor, dar in ultimii 20 de ani, de cand constiinta planetei s-a schimbat, multi dintre vindecatori calatoresc in lume pentru a transmite intelepciunea si initierile Munay Ki. De asemeni, multi oameni calatoresc in Peru si in alte locatii andine pentru a primi initierile in acele locuri.

Initierile Munay Ki reprezinta o cale de  imputernicire a sinelui nostru, o metoda de a ne aminti de simturile noastre si de instrumentele noastre interioare de vindecare. Este o cale de sensibilizare vis a vis de energiile din jurul nostru si din noi insine.


Vei pleca acasa cu:

  • o intelegere mai buna despre tine si despre ce poti schimba in jurul tau prin conectarea la Sursa universala de energie

  • cele 9 seminte, 9 porti catre devenirea celei mai inalte versiuni ale tale 

  • cunoastere despre traditiile andine 

  • o conectare profunda cu Universul 

Vino daca vrei sa inveti mai multe despre lumea ta interioara! Vino daca vrei sa inveti sa ai incredere in simturile tale!

Wayra Astrae – Strada Teheran , nr.17, parter, interfon 2 clopotel, sector 1, Bucuresti


  • 22.11 -  16.00 - 20.30 cu pauza de ceai

  • 23.11 -  9.00 - 18.00 cu pauza de pranz si pauze de ceai 

  • 24.11 -  9.00 - 18.00 cu pauza de pranz si pauze de ceai 

* Duminica, dupa pranz, vom merge in Otopeni pentru a face un foc sacru. Vom sta acolo aproximativ o ora si jumatare, deci imbracati-va adecvat.


  • Veniti in haine confortabile si, daca aveti nevoi speciale, va rugam sa va aduceti snackurile pentru dumneavoastra. Noi vom avea ceai, cafea, apa, fructe, samburi si ceva snackuri. 

  • Veti avea nevoie de un izopren sau o salteluta de yoga. Aduceti cu dumneavoastra un caiet si ceva de scris.

- 420 lei

* Initierile Munay Ki sunt transmie gratuit de-a lungul a multor generatii. Asa le-am primit si noi si asa le transmitem mai departe. Pretul workshopului reflecta spatiul, timpul trainerilor si snackurile.

1. Va rugam sa va inscrieti la:
2. Platti avansul de 50% - 210 lei
- transfer bancar:
Wayra Astrae SRL
Banca Transilvania
Cu mesajul: ”Plata avans Munay Ki, nume”
- cash la Wayra Astrae

* Wayra Astrae nu accepta plata cu cardul.

Deoarece locurile sunt limitate, va rugam sa va inscrieti din timp.

Va raspundem cu drag la intrebari: 0720 000 031

Facilitatori: Laura Dumitrescu & Monika Puiu

Fondatoare ale centrului Wayra Astrae, Laura si Monika cred in imputernicirea fiecarei fiinte umane.


”Am primit initierile Munay Ki de mai multe ori de la oamenii Qero si de la cei care au invatat de la oamenii anzilor. Semintele acestor initieri ce au fost plantate in noi, au crescut si ne-au dat o intelegere mai profunda a umanitatii si relatiei noastre cu Mama Natura. Avand aceasta intelegere actionam diferit in lumea de astazi si credem in viitorul nostru. Acesta este lucrul pe care noi il daruim inapoi lumii.” 

Laura & Monika

Workshop: Munay Ki Initiation

- The 9 Rites for Balancing Body and Soul -

Munay-ki are 9 initiation rites that will bring body and soul into balance.

The origin is from the peoples of the Andes, mainly in the Incan tradition. Originally Munay-ki rites were given only to the medicine man and women of the Andes, the Paqo's. In the last 20 years, when there is a shift in consciousness going on all over the world, many Paqo's travel the world to teach and initiate people. Many people travel to Peru and other places in the Andes to be initiated there.

It is a way to empower us, to remind us of our own senses and inner healing tools. A way to make us more sensitive to energies within and around us.

You will take home:

  • a better understanding about yourself and what you can move by being connected to the universal energy source

  • the 9 seeds, the 9 gates to becoming the best version of yourself

  • an insight into andean traditions

  • a deep connection with the Universe

Come if you want to learn more about your inner world and learn to trust your senses!

Wayra Astrae – Teheran Street, no.17, ground floor, ring at 2 and bell sign, sector 1, Bucharest


  • 22.11 - from 16.00 to 20.30 with a tea break

  • 23.11 - from 9.00 to 18.00 with lunch and tea breaks

  • 24.11 - from 9.00 to 18.00 with lunch and tea breaks

* Sunday after lunch we go to a sacred fire to Otopeni. We will stay about 1 and 1/2 hours at fire, so dress well.


  • Come in comfortable clothes and bring snacks for yourselves if you have any special needs. We will provide tea, coffee, water and snacks.

  • You will need a gymnastic or yoga mat. Also bring a notebook and a pen.

- 420 lei

* The Munay-ki rites are handed down from many generations for free. So did we get them and so do we give them. What you pay is the space, the time of the facilitators and the snacks.

1. please register at:
2. advance payment of 50% - 210 lei
- bank transfer:
Wayra Astrae SRL
Banca Transilvania
Stating: ”Advance payment for Munay Ki, name of participant”
- cash at Wayra Astrae

* Wayra Astrae doesn't accept payment by card.

Because we have limited places, we are kindly asking to register early if you are interested.

We are happy to answer to your questions at: 0720 000 031

Facilitators: Laura Dumitrescu & Monika Puiu

The founders of Wayra Astrae, Laura and Monika belive in the empowerment of every human being.


”We have received the Munay Ki rites several times from people of the Qero nation and from those who have learned from the andean people. The seeds planted in us many years ago have grown, have given us a deeper understanding of humanity and of our relation to Mother Nature. Having this understanding we act differently in the world of today and we believe in our future. This is what we are giving back to the world.”

Laura & Monika