cu Anca Mariela Ștefănescu

The Workshop is taking place online, through the ZOOM app, in ENGLISH.

How many times are we stuck being or doing what we feel because of doubt and disbelief?
Where does it come from? Why? How does it help or how doese it sabotage us?


I invite you to work together on this topic that influences us in our daily lives. With the help of Lightgrid Mandalas we consciously bring the blockages into consciousness in order to manifest the Self-Confidence from a conscious perspective.

Lightgrid mandalas are a tool for self-knowledge and inner healing.



They are calculated based on Fibonacci sequence, which represents the sequence of evolution for everything that is organic on this planet. Due to this, the mandalas helps us to take a leap in our evolution. First they are bringing into consciousness the blockage on the worked topic, to be aware of it and then helps to recreate a new perspective in an harmonious way.

"Lightgrid mandalas, based on the Fibonacci sequence, compose, through their geometric shapes, the language of Light, functioning as transmitters of information. Being ourselves bearers of the cosmic code (we are the microcosm in the macrocosm), mandalas activate this spiritual code in our DNA, which is our ancestral heritage.
Mandalas help us find our true selves. Their energies harmonize our energetic bodies with beneficial effects on our physical body. Mandalas are the bridge between the higher dimensional planes, of refined substance, and the three-dimensional bodies. "
Ursula Irrgang (creator of Lightgrid Mandalas)

Mandalas connect at all levels of DNA and restore resonance with the divine order encoded in each cell, supporting us in the process of awareness of causes in our problems, gently dissolving blockages. They reveal the blockages of the topic we are working on in order to realease them consciously. The creation of the mandala is also a form of meditation, introspection and contemplation of what is within us.



Theta Healing® is a meditation technique created by Vianna Stibal. Theta Healing® is using theta brain waves, which helps in physical, mental and spiritual healing.
Through the Theta Healing® technique, as therapist I will ask to manifest in our structures the perspective of the Highest Vibration of the Creator about the topic we work as well as other experiences that we will realize together during the session of Lightgrid Mandalas.

At the end you can choose and you will receive by email other mandala topic that you feel creating individually.


Not recommended for pregnant women!


WHAT YOU NEED (for the workshop):


  • to print your mandala holder on an A4 sheet

  • colored pencils + normal pencil + eraser + sharpener,

  • internet connection and Zoom application (laptop / desktop or phone),

  • time and space for you to be able to quietly create the mandala


You don't have to be talented in drawing or painting, even better if you’re not because you will allow to express through the mandala what comes to you intuitively and what you feel.




  • Saturday, 13 of FEBRUARY, 11.00 AM (Romanian time), ONLINE, on the Zoom platform

  • Please check for time adjustments according to your time zone






15 euro / 18 $

Payment details:
Transilvania Bank,
Beneficiary: Wayra Astrae SRL,

  • for Lei : RO49BTRLRONCRT0419073501

  • for Euro: RO96BTRLEURCRT0419073501

  • for USD: RO03BTRLUSDCRT0419073501


specifying: ”Lightgrid mandalas, your name”

You can also make the payment via Revolut. If you prefer this option, let us know and we will give you the payment details.




  • 3h




  • please send an email with your date of birth and proof of full payment by email until 12 of February 

  • after making the payment you will receive by email the mandala support to print and the ID and password of the meeting on ZOOM






Anca Mariela Stefanescu