Sesiuni private de vindecare 



13 -14 mai

This healing session is for you if:

  • you want guidance in your personal journey

  • you feel blocked in your development, always meet the same obstacles

  • you are supposed to take decisions for your future (university, profession, direction) and have no clue or just know what you do not want

  • you are an adolescent and need a non-judgemental approach and some genuine empathy

  • you have a particular issue that you are struggling with

Helen will work in 3 layers, dowsing 3 x 3 the relevant essences for the subject you want treatment. Each layer is going deeper than the last. By this she creates a personal mandala of energy. Each essence will be applied and has an interpretion which will provied bith a shift in energy and a deepening of understanding and insight. At the end of the session Helen will give energetic healing.

Helen has done a lot of counselling for young adults and teenagers.

 *the sessions will be held in english.

Durata aproximativă: 30 min

Pret: 260 lei

Adresa: Str. Teheran, nr.17, parter, interfon 2 si clopotel, sector 1, Bucuresti

About Helen Guild:

Helen Guild studied healing in the late 70’s- early 80’s working with a special ‘old school’ Master healer Barbara O’Neal and then went on to have an Indian Guru for a while then to achieve a degree in Counselling and specialised in working with children. Helen has now continued her development with studies in Peruvian Shamanism with Eliana Harvey and Don Juan Núñez del Prado. She has a particularly beautiful energy for healing work, and a unique way of working. She is a Petaltone Top Level Practitioner and has also created her own range of HG Tree essences which include trees from Hawaii as well as the UK. Her level of experience and understanding of energy work is superb. Helen works with David running Petaltone workshops in UK and Japan, and in Europe.


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